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+ - The Science (or lack thereof) of Iron Man 2

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Nova Express
Nova Express writes "Howard Waldrop and I reviewed Iron Man 2 over at Locus Online. Though we enjoyed the film, I spent a fair amount of time explaining how it not only strains scientific plausibility, but breaks it and stomps on the pieces until they're kindling. For example: the particle accelerator Tony Stark builds in his basement in about a day, which includes an optical prism to bend the beam, despite the fact prisms bend light, not streams of accelerated matter. I also go into more detail on the issue in my blog, where I talk about the inherently looser scientific underpinnings of comic book heroes, and how the "anything goes" ethos of something like the sprawling Marvel Universe strains credibility further. "If you’re watching a film about a man who can build a miniature fusion reactor the size of a smoke detector out of scrap metal, at what point can you really step off Mr. Toad’s Deeply Unlikely Ride?""
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The Science (or lack thereof) of Iron Man 2

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