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+ - The left begins to attack Obama’s Supreme Co-> 1

Submitted by Mr Pink Eyes
Mr Pink Eyes (1665805) writes "Could this be Barack Obama’s Harriet Miers moment? When President Bush nominated Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court the backlash was immediate and swift. But the reaction came from the right, as conservatives warned that her conservative credentials were in question. There was no paper trail for Harriet Miers, and President Bush was accused of cronyism as he asked Americans to trust him on Miers’ conservative views. Eventually Harriet Miers was forced to decline the nomination and Samual Alito was soon confirmed as President Bush’s second Supreme Court appointee.

    The parallels here are intriguing to say the least."

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The left begins to attack Obama’s Supreme Co

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  • The contrasts between the Bush and Obama administrations are more significant.

    The Republicans push policy further and further right, while the Democrats move towards the "center," i.e., also towards the right. (Maybe you could call that a parallel.) Ralph Nader said that on domestic policy, the Democratic party is to the right of Richard Nixon. (Look up Nixon's policies on health care and welfare, which were basically written by his secretary of HEW, Pat Moynihan.)

    As Glen Greenwald for example has been sayi

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