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+ - MechWarrior 4 bittorrent Infected with Trojan 4

Submitted by societyofrobots
societyofrobots (1396043) writes "Yesterday I saw on the MekTek site that users were reporting the MechWarrior 4 game was infected with a virus and causing 'data loss'. MekTek theorized it was a false alarm.

Today Norton AV started detecting various instances/names of this trojan in various locations on my laptop:

Scanning MW4Mercs.exe revealed the same trojan, verifying the bittorrent is in fact infected with a trojan. uTorrent detected over 7000 people downloading the game within the first 3 days, so thats quite a lot of infections . . ."
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MechWarrior 4 bittorrent Infected with Trojan

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  • How does this kind of thing happen? I've been enjoying the hell out of this game for about a week. Time to run a scan...
    • For anyone who cares, I scanned with Microsoft Security Essentials and it found nothing. Is this a Microsoft conspiracy, crappy security software, or does Norton just hate freeware?
  • mektek.net is currently down for me.

    I wonder if this has anything to do with it?

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