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+ - Entertainment Industry's Dystopia of the Future-> 1

Submitted by renek
renek (1301131) writes "If you think the RIAA/MPAA's tactics have been outlandish, laughable, and disconcerting in the past you haven't seen anything yet. From government-mandated spyware that deletes infringing content to border searches of media players, this reads like an Orwellian nightmare. Given the US government's willingness to bend over for Big Media it wouldn't be terribly surprising to see how far this goes and how under the radar it stays."
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Entertainment Industry's Dystopia of the Future

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  • Those with the pockets that need to be lined would be a little more malleable to the cause of the user if you could somehow prove the lost tax revenues would be made up else where. Concrete examples of artists and labels making money without ridiculous copyright measures and the formation of a group to pay for congressional meals and jet planes and you got yourself a better world my friend.

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