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+ - Our Brains Our Limitations

Submitted by
PdbAqB writes "We have a limited number of "learning tools" to perceive our environment.

These tools evolved:
1) by exploiting neuronal plasticity to "recycle" brain area(s) to optimize our perception for survival;
2) to enable our understanding of information by putting it into a form that is perceptible to our brain — that is, to enable learning; and
3) in the form of reading, mathematics, tool use, music and religious systems according to Cook (2010).

Consequently, our culture has evolved by what was to be able to be understood by our brain using the filtering enabled by learning tools.
Our learning tools have evolved to limit information to what is, in evolutionary terms, necessary for survival.

Are these learning tools, by filtering information, now limiting our innovation flow?
That is, what learning was required for survival may be very different to what we now require in terms of innovation?

Computer learning: Are our evolutionary next steps may now unhindered using computers so as to remove the limitations of our human:
a) learning "tools" filtration; and
b) culture perceptions.

1. Gareth Cook (2010) Scientific American Mind; Mar/Apr2010, Vol. 21 Issue 1, p62-65, 4p, 4
2. http://radar.oreilly.com/2010/03/how-do-we-measure-innovation.html"
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Our Brains Our Limitations

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