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+ - Newegg Customers Receiving Fake Intel Core 17 920 -> 4

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "This first surfaced on TribalWar around seven o'clock last evening and on Overclock.net around midnight last night. Newegg still hasn't commented on this. It's not known whether this happened as fraud by another Newegg customer or it happened in shipping. The "processors" are made of Aluminum, and the "fans" look to be made of some kind of synthetic molded material. The "factory seal" was printed onto the box. The holographic stickers on the boxes were also faked.

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Newegg Customers Receiving Fake Intel Core 17 920

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  • Posted on Overclock.net: "Ok so I called Newegg. They confirmed that they have spoken to several people, and that a warehouse did send out something that was NOT a CPU to CPU customers. He stated it was a "prototype or something". They will offer you an immediate refund or replacement." - http://www.overclock.net/rants-raves/682686-newegg-issue-fake-i7-920-retail-5.html#post8666385 [overclock.net]
  • "Newegg is aware of a shipping error that occurred with certain recent orders of the Intel Core i7-920 CPU. After investigating the issue internally it appears one of our long term partners mistakenly shipped a small number of demo boxes instead of functional units. Our customer service team has already begun proactively reaching out to the affected... See More customers. In line with our commitment to ensure total customer satisfaction, we are doing everything in our power to resolve the issue as soon as p

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