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+ - Advertising on the Internet, or How Not To.

Submitted by Eric Freyhart
Eric Freyhart (752088) writes "I have been working to bring a new commercial website online. The URL is . I have owned this URL for over 14 years, and after a layoff last year decided to get into business for myself and finally bring it online. As you may know, advertising what you sell is the key to a successful business. So we started a Google ad campaign.

The last time I did a Google advertisement campaign for my employer we received massive amounts of traffic and great conversions (sales). Now that I started my own business enterprise I find that the market is saturated and conversions are few and far between. We have issued out over 2 million advertising banners, yet only 500 or so clickthroughs. Is this the standard now, or am I doing something wrong?

Is the end of the Internet advertising system coming to an end? Are fewer people clicking on advertising links? Is this why Google converted to a pay-per-click system instead of the original pay-per-impressions system?

Since Slashdot is the leader in the community for Internet developement and news, I would love to hear back from the members on this issue."
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Advertising on the Internet, or How Not To.

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