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Trailrunner7 writes: Many spammers now have large staffs of people working on nothing but building out completely fake personas for non-existent users on social networking sites and blog networks. The spammers use these personas to create accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot and other sites that have high levels of user interaction. But these are not the easily identifiable spambots and fake profiles that have been cluttering these sites from the beginning. Instead, the personas have all of the attributes that one would expect in a real user, such as clearly defined interests, specific geographic locations, favorite bands and movies. "Their goal is to be right down the middle, not too high or too low on the radar," said Robert Hansen, a security researcher who discussed the new tactics during a webinar Wednesday put on by Black Hat and Dark Reading. Hansen, who has spoken with some of the spammers using these techniques, said that they can create as many as 500,000 to a million new personas in a single day.
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The Coming Spam Pandemic

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