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SkiifGeek writes "The Australian Federal Government plan to introduce national-level Internet censorship may already be floundering in the parliament, but now Anonymous have set their sights on the government and will be taking currently-unpublicised actions today to try and get their demands met, namely the resignation of current Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, and the abolition of the blacklist that forms the basis of the censorship plan. In a country famed for its laid back attitude towards life, are Anonymous' actions going to have a long term result?"
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Anonymous Targets Australian Government Censorship

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  • but without the nukes or the SADF or the Casspir.
    When the ALP political types come out to tell lies in public, they will have fun trying to remove peaceful protesters.
    Union types and faith based goons will make great youtube vids as they try to save their mates.

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