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+ - AT&T Blocks Select 4chan Boards-> 3

Submitted by
SmarkWoW writes "In what appears to be the first major steps toward stifling Net Neutrality, AT&T blocks a select few boards from the major imageboard 4chan. First reported by the official 4chan Status Blog, it appears that those who have residential AT&T DSL connections are unable to view certain boards on 4chan. The boards in question are /rk9/ and the infamous /b/. As most readers know, /b/ is the home of Anonymous, a large group of computer users responsible for spawning many memes such as RickRolling and LOLcats. Sources estimate that 15.5% of all internet users user AT&T DSL. A few short hours after reports of the blockage surfaced, members of /b/ have already begun to retaliate. The first strike appears to be toward the AT&T CEO, Randall Stephenson. Needless to say, this is going to get ugly."
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AT&T Blocks Select 4chan Boards

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    • by alexmogil (442209)
      I hope this struggle doesn't delve into "the content is bad." Major news organizations (insert film of exploding van here) will likely speak of the content of the site and skew people's opinion. The fact is that a provider is limiting access based on their ability to control said access.

      Gah, this is pathetic. The inevitable antics from Anonymous won't help much either.

      • by BronsCon (927697)

        Removing the Fawkes mask for a moment, I'm opting to simply sit here and watch things play out... for now.

        My plan of action, if this turns out to be deliberate, is to start paying my AT&T wireless bill by check until the issue is resolved; being certain to include 10-20 pages of "signatures" on a petition to end internet censorship. AT&T will foot the bill for the heavier business reply envelope.

        The names signed on the petition will, of course, be:
        Anon E. Muss
        A. Nonymous
        Anne Onymous
        Anonymous Torrent

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