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+ - "How to Read a Privacy Policy"->

Submitted by
Grace Meng
Grace Meng writes "The Common Data Project, a new nonprofit, has just published a paper called, "How to Read a Privacy Policy," which is available here: Unlike other privacy reports we've read, it's meant to be a user's guide to the kind of issues and questions we think are crucial for understanding online data collection and how those methods implicate a user's sense of privacy. We're taking some pretty strong positions about what users should and shouldn't worry about in online privacy policies. (e.g., We don't think data retention is a big issue. We think a clear story about what users get out having their data collected is.) We also know the privacy community is far from reaching consensus on these topics (Know Privacy,, EFF's Best Practices for Online Service Providers, Our goal is to provoke some discussion around these issue. We'd greatly appreciate any feedback, questions, or comments you might have. The announcement for the paper is on our blog here: The full press release can be found here: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me."
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"How to Read a Privacy Policy"

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