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+ - SCO Head sued for trade secret theft and fraud 1

Submitted by akahige
akahige (622549) writes "In what can only be described as a massive turning of the karmic wheel, Darl McBride (SCO), Robert Brazell (founder of, Stephen Norris (an investment capital guy), and Bryan Cave (former Pelican Equity attorney) are all listed as defendants in a lawsuit filed that alleges they conspired to steal trade secrets from Pelican Equity which they used to establish Talos Partners, a stock lending business. Among the charges are fraud, conspiracy, and violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Groklaw posted about this last night and has since pulled the story, though the PDF of the complaint is still available, and there's a summary on Courthouse News Service."
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SCO Head sued for trade secret theft and fraud

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  • These guys have never done or made anything of value. They buy dubious rights to software and then go around "greenmailing" [] and rent-seeking [] other firms that do create things. Now McBride et. al. are gonna see what it's like to sit in the defendant's chair for a change. Heh. []

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