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Real Time Strategy (Games)

+ - Starcraft 2 Drops LAN Support, Battle.net Only-> 2

Submitted by Kemeno
Kemeno (984780) writes "Blizzard has announced that they will be dropping LAN support for Starcraft II, citing piracy and quality concerns. Instead, ALL multiplayer games will be hosted through their new Battle.net service. I suppose I shouldn't be suprised by this move, but wasn't LAN play how the original Starcraft became popular? It's the only way I ever played it, and I don't see why Blizzard would alienate casual LAN gamers in favor of forcing their new service upon everyone (well, except for more profit, of course)."
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Starcraft 2 Drops LAN Support, Battle.net Only

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  • Having the game without a valid key (aka pirated versions) will be of practically no use (except for playing the story). From a point of view it is a smart way of making people buy the original (specially young people that play it for the first time), but I don't think majority will be happy with this.

    Only time will tell if this was a shot on the foot.
    • I lot of young teenagers can't afford 8 copies of a game (close to $800) just to have an afternoon's entertainment together. Having one guy own it still being able to play with his friends at home when they come to visit is a much better idea. The way Warcraft 2 and Starcraft allowed 'spawn' copies to join a Lan game without a CD so long as one or two players had the CD was a great idea. 2 purchases meant 8 players could play lan, much more affordable. Maybe we'll just have to go play monopoly instead...

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