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+ - Intel, Nokia Announce Technology Collaboration->

Submitted by yuna49
yuna49 (905461) writes "BBC News reports that, "The world's largest chip maker has teamed up with the world's largest mobile phone maker to create what they say will be a 'new exciting industry'. Intel and Nokia said their 'technology collaboration' would deliver new mobile computing products — beyond existing smartphones, netbooks and notebooks." The partnership will center around several open-source mobile Linux software projects, including the Moblin platform for Atom-based processors and the Maemo operating system developed by Nokia. Intel will also acquire a licence from Nokia that is used in modem chips to connect to third generation cellular networks. In an interview with the BBC, Gerry Purdy, chief mobile analyst at Frost & Sullivan, said that while the first product could be a year or so away, it should have the potential to shake up the market. "I believe this will impact the industry for many years to come and accelerate the adoption of smartphones in the world. At the moment they are at 10% of market share. I predict that will grow to 50-60% in the next five years as a result of this partnership.""
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Intel, Nokia Announce Technology Collaboration

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