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+ - SPAM: Obama to sign "Cash for Clunker" bill 3

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coondoggie writes "That old car of yours may soon be worth more to you than you think. A $1 billion cash-for-clunkers bill has been sent to President Obama for his signature, after the Senate approved the bill as part of a broader $106 billion war spending package. The idea is to stimulate car sales by offering as much as $4,500 to owners of older cars who trade in older, less-efficient vehicles. The act will go into effect 30 days after the president signs the bill, and will run through October 31. [spam URL stripped]"
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Obama to sign "Cash for Clunker" bill

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  • ... this is almost tantamount to punishing folks, like myself, that have been driving efficient cars from the get-go, but after doing the math, my Neon has cost me about $0.16 a mile over the past 9 years to own so I guess I can't complain too much.

  • Instead of redistributing our wealth in forms that those contributing will probably not benefit from, why not just reduce taxes for everyone?

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