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+ - Harsh Words From Google On Linux Development-> 1

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jeevesbond writes "The alpha version of Google Chrome is now available for GNU/Linux. Google Chrome developer and former Firefox lead Ben Goodger has some problems with the platform though. His complaints range from the lack of a standardised UI toolkit, inconsistencies across applications, the lack of a unified and comprehensive HIG, to GTK not being a very compelling toolkit. With Adobe getting twitchy about the glibc fork and previously describing the various audio systems as welcome to the jungle, is it time to concentrate on consolidation and standardisation in GNU/Linux in general, and the desktop in particular?"
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Harsh Words From Google On Linux Development

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  • I see this as good news. Until recently, commercial developers of desktop software mostly wouldn't even consider porting to Linux. The fact that they're complaining about this kind of stuff means that they now perceive desktop linux as having enough of a future to make it worth investing some effort in.

    So there's a lack of "unified and comprehensive HIG"? Hmm...googling "gnome human interface guidelines" turned up this []. Since Google has chosen GTK+ as their library for Chrome, it would seem that Gnome's

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