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+ - Students required to buy iPhones 2

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Norsefire writes "New incoming freshmen at the University of Missouri School of Journalism are being required to purchase iPhones to enable them to download lectures and to check facts on the internet while reporting from a news scene. After complaints, the school explained that it is requiring "web-enabled, audio-video player" devices, but while Blackberrys and Zunes are acceptable they are "not preferred"."
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Students required to buy iPhones

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  • ...or perhaps it means the department head has already bought Apple stock. If the TIAA/CREF retirement fund 401k's and university trust dollars were vested in good ol' Apple, like the serpent offered Eve, then I suppose blatant commercialism like this is appropriate. After all, the Hearst "newspaper" journalism is anachronistic, as is its two page truck display advertisement that paid for the trade.

    Now in the new paradigm of rapid "truthiness" and quasi-open exploration of the "financed" facts, the yello
  • ...does anyone use tablet PCs anymore ? I've never owned one, but I always thought the idea was pretty cool. Forc- I mean encouraging students into a single choice seems somewhat silly.

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