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+ - Will Linux ever be ready for the desktop?-> 1

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Anonymous Coward writes: "Repeatedly, articles are written trying to enumerate why Linux is not yet ready for the desktop. This article however takes a different approach, explaining that Linux will never be ready until certain flaws are accepted as existing, and work is done to eliminate them. Interestingly, the article is separated into both business and home user adoption, and explains the different needs by each computing segment, showing that Linux is nowhere close to meeting the requirements necessary to become a desktop operating system."
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Will Linux ever be ready for the desktop?

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  • I had actually been been noticing recently the INadequacies of so-called "adequate" free software. Little things mostly, programs lacking certain features that their nonfree alternatives have, things of that nature, but it's really the little things much more than the big things that will draw users into the market and keep them there. It is as plain as day that merely "adequate" is by no means good enough to attract the average Joes and Janes out there en masse, we need software that is as good as or BETTE

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