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Great way to start a day...

Posted by CmdrTaco
So I wake up with a headache. I rollover and decide to nap for an extra hour. I wake up with a worse headache. Stumble downstairs and check my email and check up on the servers. Stumble to work. Coffee pot is empty. Make new coffee. Load dishwasher. Coffee is ready. Poor scalding cup of coffee into oversized Loony Toons mug. Stumble upstairs. Collapse into my chair. Grab a couple of advil in a feeble attempt to combat the thumping sensation that is currently rendering all higher brain functions useless, and making most of the lower brain functions pretty shaky too. I throw the advil in the mouth and wash it down... with a big gulp of scalding, hotter than the surface of the sun coffee.

Its gonna be a great day.

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Great way to start a day...

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