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Carbon Nanotubes and Spongy Polymer Help Transistors Stretch

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  • Soon you'll be able to wear plain white or black close which will change pattern and color according to your whim.

  • Totally useless, you can build flexible and stretchable interconnects and displays, the transistors themselves have no real need to stretch.

    • by kaiser423 (828989)
      If you pay more more, displays flex and PCBs flex. It's been a solved problem and lots of high end electronics have flex PCBs and some cell phones even have flex displays.

      The issue has always been the chips; they don't flex. Having the transistors not fail when stretched/bent is a necessary step, but we also need flexible chips/chip packaging as well as making the pads and solder that hold it to the board maintain a very good electrical connection throughout the bendy process.
      • Nope - just make the chips small enough such they can sit on a flex circuit and tolerate the needed bend radius. I do this all the time with ultra small medical electronics. Or put the silicon someplace that does not have to bend. This is totally a no brainer.

    • Flexible transistors would actually be quite useful in the burgeoning wearable electronics industry. A molex under tight-fitting spandex might be mistaken for some strange growth, a nipple, or general happiness at seeing you.

  • this: stretchy []
  • by rmdingler (1955220) on Wednesday January 15, 2014 @08:26PM (#45971333)
    I want a friggin' cell phone I can put on in the morning like a slap bracelet.
  • Stop!!! (Score:2, Funny)

    by stms (1132653)

    You can stop posting a /. story for every new application for Carbon Nanotubes we get it they can do everything. At this point I would be more surprised if it was discovered that there was something they couldn't do.

    • Yes, instead, we should see more articles about bitcoin and guns.

    • by TubeSteak (669689)

      At this point I would be more surprised if it was discovered that there was something they couldn't do.

      They can't get the /. editors to stop posting about Carbon Nanotubes.
      Oh the humanity!

  • The scientists can pull the devices to lengths 57% greater than their resting length without disrupting performance."

    Monitors 57% larger with a resolution lower than a smart phone display? No thanks, I had enough

    On the flip (and flop) side(s):
    * if they manage to compress those transitors to 57% of their resting size without disrupting performance, we may get another cheap two years of Moore's law.
    * (grin) I like much better devices that one pushes - in contrast to pulling (as the time passes, everyone - no matter the gender - will be reminded a meaning of "floppy devices" that doesn't relate to IT).

  • I wonder if flexible, stretchy transistors would be useful in traditional non-flexible electronics.I'm thinking that being able to flex and move internally whenever the device is dropped or bumped might make things last longer.

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