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Samsung Buys Sony's Stake In LCD Joint Venture 38

Posted by samzenpus
from the all-your-lcds-are-belong-to-us dept.
First time accepted submitter rtoz writes "Samsung Electronics has decided to buy out Sony's entire stake in their Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) joint venture. S-LCD Samsung will pay Sony 1.08 trillion won ($939m; £600m) in cash for Sony's entire stake (50% – 1 shares) in S-LCD Corp., a venture formed in 2004 to make TV panels. After acquisition, Samsung Electronics' stake in S-LCD will be 100%. The move comes as Sony has been restructuring its TV business, which has been making a loss for the past seven years."
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Samsung Buys Sony's Stake In LCD Joint Venture

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  • by Pagey123 (1278182) on Monday December 26, 2011 @09:33AM (#38493808)

    Forgive my ignorance, but I've never followed the LCD and/or HDTV market closely, so these may be silly questions with obvious answers. I will assume (correct me if I am wrong) that there's some consolidation in the LCD TV industry and that most "manufacturers" get their panels from only a handful of sources. If that is in fact the case, what variables actually go into determining the quality of a unit? For example, I've read several "rumors" that Samsung once upon a time had a ton of bad caps on some model(s) that gave consumers a lot of grief. Just curious, so thanks for the insight!

  • by retroworks (652802) on Monday December 26, 2011 @09:36AM (#38493836) Homepage Journal
    Samsung has an Intel-like proprietary stake with many of the boards used in LCD and plasma production, and everyone is using Foxconn factories to assemble and produce. Sony is a major brand value but trying to keep ownership of actual LCD display production was an expensive gamble. Hopefully they put some of the trillion into R&D. Their m to make content (Sony Pictures and Playstation games) was a better investment than hardware.

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