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Virginia Rometty Selected As Next CEO of IBM

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  • by RobinEggs (1453925) on Tuesday October 25, 2011 @07:17PM (#37838608)
    Here we are celebrating another newly minted female CEO of a powerhouse corporation. Meanwhile, with the other side of our mouths, we're constantly bemoaning the fact that most Fortune 500 CEOs are greedy parasites, not to mention the large minority who seem to be sociopaths (and not in a figurative way, either).

    It reminds me of that small number of feminists who seem to view sexual liberation not in terms of respect, mature dialogue, and winning their freedom from chauvanism, but merely as the freedom for women to be as sex-crazed and/or misandropic as some men are chauvanist and misogynistic.

    Perhaps we shouldn't be so proud of women breaking into a job dominated by assholes? Are we assuming that women, unlike the men with whom they successfully competed to get these jobs, will suddenly be nice people when they're the ones on top? I try to understand when people say the pendulum is still swinging, that women need to make further explicit gains before we can just call it all equal, but I still wish we could reserve admiration and outright celebration for simply people who do good things, rather than continuing to break it out into Men and Women.

    At some point the lauding of the "first female" this and the constant keeping of score has to stop if you want to say you achieved real equality.
  • by blair1q (305137) on Tuesday October 25, 2011 @07:48PM (#37838914) Journal

    I think we're supposed to assume that since she's female, she's less likely to be a greedy parasite.

    Unfortunately, Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina have forever destroyed that stereotype.

    It remains to be seen if Ms. Rometty is human as well as success-oriented.

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