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XKCD 327 — Exploits of a Mom

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  • lolwut? (Score:3, Informative)

    by Omeger (939765) on Wednesday October 10, 2007 @10:14AM (#20926131) Journal
    This is the shortest story on Slashdot ever. At least I see they actually got rid of their submission standards now.
    • by edittard (805475)
      Well the cartoon is mildly amusing ... but it's not really got a lot of content, has it? And it's not really news - maybe Scuttlemonkey thought it was true?
      • by toleraen (831634)
        You guys realize this was posted to idle, right?
      • by rmadmin (532701)
        Didn't you notice they changed it from "news for nerds that matters" or whatever... to "Our uptime, your downtime"..
        • by darthflo (1095225)
          'twas "News for Nerds, stuff that matters" as still seen here [slashdot.org] (page title, not header image).
          After the 10 year anniversary the image will probably be changed back again.
    • As much as I love xkcd, I really do think that this article represents the devolution of Slashdot into Digg. I think the Idle section needs to be completely eliminated if this is what kind of crap passes for a story on it.

      No matter how much I've felt in the past that various submitters, editors, and sections have been a waste of time, I've never, ever checked a box in my preferences (that I can remember) to tell Slashdot to never show me anything from that source again. I'm very close to doing it right no
  • Why is this news? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Eudial (590661) on Wednesday October 10, 2007 @10:14AM (#20926133)
    It's humor. It's good humor. But how the heck does this make front page on slashdot? I mean, the guy releases three comics a week, and has been doing it for quite a while. Where's the new part of the news?
    • Money, get back.
      Im all right jack keep your hands off of my stack.
      Money, its a hit.
      Dont give me that do goody good bullshit.
    • by dsginter (104154)
      Where's the new part of the news?

      I work for a large organization. And when I saw this, I got a really good laugh - so good, that I wanted to share it with someone. It was at this point that I don't know anyone who would understand SQL injection as humor.

      I suspect slashdot is an outlet for this sort of people. I don't know if this made it through the firehose or if it came via another means, but I suspect that we've many more people here who want to see this sort of thing rather than the opposite.

      • I bet everyone who read that comic will start thinking about sanitizing database inputs when they're designing their own systems.

        Now, if there were just some regular expression comics out there!

      • by Aladrin (926209)
        Don't tell the IP police, but when I see a good comic, I post it on the tech room door for others to enjoy. The really geeky ones (like this one) most people don't get, but I also watch Savage Chickens and Brevity and grab one from there, too. Even Sinfest occasionally has a funny one that's not NSFW.

        It's nice to have people walk by and get to visibly watch their spirits lift.
        • by Selfbain (624722)
          You can post xkcd anywhere you like (for non commercial reasons). From the bottom of the page: "This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License."
    • by Bardez (915334)
      Obligaroty Slashdot Limerick [xkcd.com]
    • Yes, he releases three comics a week, and in my opinion, this is the best one of the past month, possibly the past year. That's how it's new. As to it being news, they have comics in the newspaper, right?
  • I mean, it's just a link to the xkcd comic. "Your downtime" indeed...
    • by Lisandro (799651)
      Like someone commented in another story... "xkcd on the frontpage? Hell, this is digg".
  • by scoser (780371) on Wednesday October 10, 2007 @10:17AM (#20926183) Journal

    ...stuff you already have bookmarked?

    Yes, xkcd is awesome, but I hope this is not going to be a thrice weekly post every time a new strip is posted.

  • 1) Give child data-eating name
    2) destroy all records school records
    3) ???
    4) Profit (that is until Bobby gets his revenge!)
  • by kextyn (961845)
    Honestly I don't feel that this belongs on the front page. I don't come to slashdot to be redirected to webcomics. I check the comics I like on my own.
  • I only recently started looking at xkcd, hadn't really heard of it until a few weeks ago.. I have no problem with links being thrown to non-news stuff that people might like. It didn't get a full story, it was appropriately marked, and might send some people to something they'd enjoy reading in the future. A link every week might be a bit much, but an occasional mention surely wouldn't hurt.
  • by nitio (825314) <paulo.ruthesNO@SPAMgmail.com> on Wednesday October 10, 2007 @10:27AM (#20926317) Homepage
    Robert'); INSERT News (Title,Content) VALUES ('XKCD 327 -- Exploits of a Mom','Looks like xkcd's Little Bobby Tables [xkcd.com] isn't getting the appreciation he deserves at school.'); --
  • So that I can block all stories from it and pretend Slashdot hasn't gone to shit.
  • Ok, firstly, WTF is with this "idle" section?
    Secondly, slashdot is turning into digg. No, seriously. This is not news, it's just another XKCD release. Now hey - I love XKCD - it's cool and funny, but not worth the front page. Just like quotes on bash.
  • How do I remove "Idle" from my homepage?

    Someone? Anyone?
  • by frankie (91710) on Wednesday October 10, 2007 @10:29AM (#20926347) Journal
    The esteemed editors have added a new Section to /. without adding it to the Homepage display prefs [slashdot.org]. Anyone who doesn't want to read idle garbage will have to suck it up for a while.

      I mean...

    • Anyone who doesn't want to read idle garbage will have to suck it up for a while.

      Well, unregistered users will have to read it anyway. Do you imagine what kind of people does this invite to /. community?

  • Wrong URL (Score:4, Insightful)

    by akheron01 (637033) on Wednesday October 10, 2007 @10:31AM (#20926367) Homepage
    Hmm, I might have been mistaken, I thought I typed in slashdot.org not reddit.com
  • Why not integrate xkcd into Slashdot?

    Penny-Arcade is doing wonders for Steam(VALVe)
  • by lucky130 (267588)
    ooooh, why is this on the front page of slashdot? ooooh, we're all nerds and read it anyway! *flails hands wildly in the air*.

    maybe it just struck one of the editors as particularly funny and thought those patrons who don't read xkcd all the time might find it funny too.
  • I was going to say "If you don't like the Idle section, just uncheck it in your preferences" but there appears to be no such option.

    Sounds like an "opportunity for improvement",
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I interpreted the strips inclusion here as opening a discussion on what to actually do about this (assuming it would work in the first place) since somebody's going to try it at some point. I mean, people name their kids Superman and Harmony-One-God-Truth and Orange Juice and shit like that. Why not throw some code in there?
  • When did it began, and what is its point? And why is it on the front page?
  • Idle: XKCD 327 -- Exploits of a Mom 14 of 4 comments
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  • I, like most others here, read xkcd too. I don't mind the link on the front page though. It seems like the idle category is just like the games category, nice and small. If the post took up a few paragraphs, it would be a waste of space, but the way it is now doesn't look like a big deal to me. I like idle.
  • But your honor, my box got injected with a Little Bobby!

    (note to self: please don't hit submit. seriously, don't do it.)
  • Go to Firehose [slashdot.org] and vote this waaaay down. I recommend a "stupid" tag.

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