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A Report On the 2006 Machinima Festival 9

Posted by Zonk
from the alchemical-entertainment-transformation dept.
Gamasutra is reporting on the events of the 2006 Machinima Festival, which was held early this month in Queens, New York. The event featured panels, seminars, and Q&A sessions talking about how to make movies with games, talking with the people who do it, and offering tips on how to do it better. Gamasutra also offers up the list of this year's Machinima award winners, as well as interviews with 'This Spartan Life' co-creator Matt Burke and 'Trash Talk' creator Matt Dominianni. From the article: "Chris Burke, the second speaker [on the panel] is the creator of 'This Spartan Life,' the popular talk show that takes place inside an Xbox Live Halo 2 game. Burke screened a PSA on net neutrality using Halo machinima. When the piece was made, net neutrality was the most Googled item of the week; TSL was able to attract a huge audience. Burke also noted that the TSL episode on gun control spawned hotly debated message threads on their forum, and was glad to know that 15 year TSL old fans were debating gun control, and more specifically, was happy to find that TSL exposes world and non-gamer issues to a traditional gamer audience." If you haven't seen them yet, make sure and check out award winners "Male Restroom Etiquette" (Best Writing), "The Fixer" (Best Series), and "The Adventures of Bill & John: Danger Attacks at Dawn" (Multi-award Winner).
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A Report On the 2006 Machinima Festival

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