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Skype Unleashed Onto Cell Phones 74

Posted by Zonk
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An anonymous reader writes "Today Hutchinson announced that it would provide unlimited cell phone to cell phone Skype calls via a 3G connection. This new service, called X-series, is part of a new alliance made up of Skype, Sling Media, Yahoo, Nokia, Google, eBay, Microsoft, Orb and Sony Ericsson. According to the article, users will also be able to 'search Google and Yahoo, send MSN instant messages to their friends, watch their TVs from a Slingbox, access their computer at home with Orb and buy or sell stuff on eBay.' Users will only get charged a monthly fee for access, in a similar way to broadband charges."
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Skype Unleashed Onto Cell Phones

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  • by Vellmont (569020) on Thursday November 16, 2006 @06:14PM (#16876798)
    Skype.. the propritary, we don't speak any accepted standard VoIP provider. They might as well be AOL or Compuserve before they realised that this "internet thing" meant they had to use SMTP for email.

    Google on the other hand has standardized on an open standard for VoIP (Jingle), and has said they'll support SIP at some future point (currently the most widely supported VoIP standard).
  • Re:Fine print... (Score:4, Insightful)

    by mypalmike (454265) on Thursday November 16, 2006 @06:24PM (#16876960) Homepage
    Ah but many PDA phones and some of the new Nokia phones (E61, E80) have WiFi. You can run VoIP over a WiFi either at home or through local hotspots supplied by your provider (or anywhere else).

    But then you're not running it over 3G, which is what this news is about.

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