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PlayStation 3 Gets Software Update On Launch Day 27

Posted by Zonk
from the patching-to-play dept.
narramissic writes "Just as the long-awaited PlayStation 3 games consoles go on sale in Japan this Saturday, Sony will also be offering the first software update. The firmware update, offered as a free download, adds support for the PlayStation Network online service." From the article: "In late November the company also plans to offer a firmware update for its PlayStation Portable (PSP) games device. The update will bump the firmware to version 3.0 and add PlayStation Network support. With the new firmware in both devices the PSP will be able to access contents stored on the PlayStation 3 via a wireless LAN connection using a system Sony has dubbed 'Remote Play.' It will also make it possible to purchase and download PSP games content."
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PlayStation 3 Gets Software Update On Launch Day

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  • by interiot (50685) on Thursday November 09, 2006 @03:43PM (#16788219) Homepage
    Maybe I'm still in the mindset of the political elections, but I see the headline "PS3 network service added as an afterthought" out of this. I'm sure Sony didn't want to release it until it was thoroughly tested. But the Xbox 360 network service really seems like it was standardized early on (so games knew how many achievement points they had, they knew they had to send the achievements text and icons to xbox networking, they knew how much CPU drop they had to deal with when you start IM'ing friends in the middle of a game, etc). How much game integration is there if the networking service is offered as a patch?
  • by amuro98 (461673) on Thursday November 09, 2006 @05:16PM (#16788787)
    Sony's right, the PS3 isn't a gaming's a PC.

    After all, what veteran computer user doesn't immediatly check for updates upon booting up a new computer for the first time??

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