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Wikipedia Used To Spread Virus 116

Posted by Zonk
from the ware-the-internets dept.
eldavojohn writes "The German Wikipedia has recently been used to launch a virus attack. Hackers posted a link to an all alleged fix for a new version of the blaster worm. Instead, it was a link to download malicious software. They then sent e-mails advising people to update their computers and directed them to the Wikipedia article. Since Wikipedia has been gaining more trust & credibility, I can see how this would work in some cases. The page has, of course, been fixed but this is nevertheless a valuable lesson for Wikipedia users."
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Wikipedia Used To Spread Virus

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  • Re:Still? (Score:2, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday November 05, 2006 @02:42PM (#16727477)
    There was no danger of the blaster virus. It was simply malicious people claiming you needed to get a new release to protect from the most recent blaster virus. The malicious code they were hosting was not the blaster worm but rather newer virus technology.

    I think I was pretty clear in the summary ...

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