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Gotuit Launches Broadband Video Portal 65

Posted by Hemos
from the another-salvo-in-the-video-wars dept.
ReadWriteWeb writes "Richard MacManus covers the launch of, a new broadband video portal from VOD (video on demand) company Gotuit Media. The portal is free to use and offers instantaneous video delivery of professional media content, such as the latest popular music videos and movie trailers. Content is streamed directly to the user's PC, so there's no buffering or download. The UI is slick and navigation between videos is near seamless. But the most exciting part of is perhaps its ability to search inside video items. Gotuit has built a system which enables their staff to 'tag' specific points inside each video with appropriate metadata. This allows users to create playlists of video snippets — based on keywords — and share those with other people. Gotuit is different from YouTube and Google Video in that it offers professional media content and its video streaming technology is more advanced."
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Gotuit Launches Broadband Video Portal

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