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Star Wreck Released as Download 239

Arto Rantala writes "After seven years of production, Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning, the Finnish Star Trek / Babylon 5 parody movie, was finally released on DVD a month ago and is now available for download. In spite of its practically zero budget, the film has a hilariously captivating story, top notch CGI and even a couple of performances from professional actors. Download it now and buy the DVD if you like it! I know I did. You can also obtain it directly from the .torrent"
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Star Wreck Released as Download

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  • by JoeLinux (20366) <joelinux&gmail,com> on Saturday October 01, 2005 @03:10PM (#13694556) Homepage
    Bit Torrent makes for a very strange comment: "Hey! Cool! This link is slashdotted!"
  • by arivanov (12034) on Saturday October 01, 2005 @03:15PM (#13694581) Homepage
    Gotta see it to believe it. Unless the creators of the movie are the only finns with a sense of humour in all Finland or members of their Swedish minority...
  • by J_Omega (709711) on Saturday October 01, 2005 @05:25PM (#13695079)
    Be very cautious around new people this week.

    Some may attempt to revoke your geek card.
  • by Dwonis (52652) * on Saturday October 01, 2005 @05:55PM (#13695182)
    Heh. Slashdot has an interesting effect on BitTorrent downloads:
    | status: finishing in 5:54:58 (2.7%)
    | speed: 25.8 K/s down - 104.6 K/s up
    | totals: 6.4 M down - 26.1 M up
  • by glwtta (532858) on Sunday October 02, 2005 @12:07AM (#13696684) Homepage
    If you are going to spend 7 years on a movie learn english. It is not that hard.

    What the hell are you smoking? If you are going to spend 7 years on a movie, you damn better make it in whatever language you want to make it in. Picking you native language doesn't seem like that much of a stretch.

    At least George Lucas knows how to really direct quality actors.

    You must've seen a George Lucas movie that I haven't. George Lucas knows how to waste 300 million dollars on crappy special effects. If there was any actual acting in the last three Star Wars, I must've missed it.

  • by MachDelta (704883) on Sunday October 02, 2005 @12:31AM (#13696785)
    ...about this movie wasn't the decent-to-good acting of the main characters, or the humorous yet interesting story, the hillarious gags, or even the totally awesome special effects.

    No, I think the most suprising thing about this movie is just how many good looking girls they managed to convince to participate in a complete geek-fest of a film. (Hellloooo Bridge-Girls!)

    I dunno about the rest of you, but if there's really that many hot girls in Finland who like nerdy stuff, i'm packing my bags! ;)
  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday October 02, 2005 @06:21AM (#13697689)
    The girls are done by imposing images on nerds. A very cool special effect and nobody noticed that :-)
  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday October 02, 2005 @01:36PM (#13699417)
    You said: They just show that the flick is so neat for a fan flick that people can't treat it as such anymore :D

    My answer: This is so true. The final testament to the perceived quality of the film is that it has already been available for a while as a Russian pirate version. Reference: []

    The Russian cover says the name of the movie is: "Zvezdnaya avarija na parkovke" and continues to define it as "Parodiya na seryaly Star Trek I Vavilon 5." Also of note is "Rezhisser: Timo Vuorensola." The English name is, of course, wrong: "Star Wreck: The Pirkinning." However, there are both English and Russian dubbed soundtracks in 5.1, so it appears to be a more or less professionally made disc.

    Could there still be any compliment higher than this (although we can be absolutely sure that this DVD is totally illegal)?

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