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United States

Spectrum Wars: The Hidden Battle 159

Posted by michael
from the pretty-soon-we-are-talking-about-real-money dept.
PacketMaster writes: "The USA Today is carrying an interesting commentary entitled All-but-secret battle rages over fate of airwaves. The article sheds light on some topics that many people are completely ignorant on - the fight over the broadcast spectrum. The most interesting tidbit is that the current broadcasters, who were given the new digital spectrum for applications like HDTV for free, now want to keep their old ones too and auction them off for industry profit to help pay for the transition to the new spectrum."
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Spectrum Wars: The Hidden Battle

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  • by eander315 (448340) on Wednesday September 05, 2001 @04:56PM (#2257308)
    Maybe some reporter, somewhere, now will decide to focus his or her attention on a potential $200-billion rape of the American taxpayer.

    Aren't our elected officials supposed to at least TRY to protect their electorate from this kind of thing? $200 BILLION is a lot of money! I don't think we should have to rely on one or two reporters to stop a $200 BILLION theft. It would be nice if our elected officials would stop counting their kickbacks, bribes and lobbyist money and start doing their jobs.

  • by dpilot (134227) on Wednesday September 05, 2001 @06:06PM (#2257607) Homepage Journal
    Aren't they a subsidiary of Sirius Cybernetics?

    You know, the inventors of the talking doors...

    The first ones with their back against the wall when the revolution comes.

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