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To distress my enemies, I'd force on them ...

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Interstitial ads
  639 votes / 4%
Pop-over ads
  1103 votes / 7%
Pop-under ads
  767 votes / 5%
Ads that pretend to be security alerts
  1543 votes / 11%
Ads that move if you try to close them
  7706 votes / 55%
Subliminal ads
  582 votes / 4%
Some other variety of ad
  200 votes / 1%
You mean you don't like these?
  1258 votes / 9%
13798 total votes.
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  • Don't complain about lack of options. You've got to pick a few when you do multiple choice. Those are the breaks.
  • Feel free to suggest poll ideas if you're feeling creative. I'd strongly suggest reading the past polls first.
  • This whole thing is wildly inaccurate. Rounding errors, ballot stuffers, dynamic IPs, firewalls. If you're using these numbers to do anything important, you're insane.
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To distress my enemies, I'd force on them ...

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  • Overthinking it. (Score:5, Insightful)

    by petes_PoV (912422) on Sunday June 01, 2014 @01:13PM (#47141739)
    Just "ads" is enough
    • by pete6677 (681676)

      What are these ads you speak of? Chrome with AdBlock makes for a beautiful (not to mention useable) internet.

      • Hmm...Every so often a check box shows up to disable ads on Slashdot. I've never seen an ad on Slashdot so, of course, I didn't bother to check it. Seriously, there are ads on Slashdot?

        • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

          by Anonymous Coward
          Yeah that box does nothing, Slashvertisements these days are the stories themselves. Who knows if they actually receive money for doing it (they'd be fools if they didn't) but slashdot editors often post stories that are just blatantly advertising rather than being actual news.
        • Hmm...Every so often a check box shows up to disable ads on Slashdot. I've never seen an ad on Slashdot so, of course, I didn't bother to check it. Seriously, there are ads on Slashdot?

          Unfortunately a week or two ago that feature was broken and there is now sometimes advertisements despite that checkbox being ticked.

          Any comment from a Slashdot administrator of why this is happening?

          • by CastrTroy (595695)
            Also, I've left that box unchecked, because I get a lot out of Slashdot, so I figure it's a good way to give back. I even click on ads from time to time. But the new ads that display over the content on the bottom of the screen have really gotten on my nerves. It's pushing my to the point where I want to disable ads. Screens have little enough vertical real estate without putting ads vertically across the page, over the content.At the very least, it should remember that you hid them, and not show them in t
        • by rwa2 (4391) *

          Yeah, yeah, so you pay the $5 annual subscription to remove ads.

          I paid for the Slashdot subscription once 15 years ago, but then I didn't bother to disable ads. So now I still get all the others subscription perks from 15 years ago.

          I actually like the ads on Slashdot, compared to all of the other drivel I see on the rest of the net.

          • Some are ok, but most are a pain. I can't stand the stay at the bottom of the page ones that cause me to always see them on the page. If you are going to use a floating section of content, could you at least make it a usefull one? LIke float the navigation on the left and the header, just let the stories themselves scroll. Doing it only for ads, is tackier than hell. It screams: "WE ONLY CARE ABOUT THESE!!! CLICK NOW, YOU DUMB BASTARD!Q!!!!"

          • by TheP4st (1164315)

            Yeah, yeah, so you pay the $5 annual subscription to remove ads.

            Why would anyone do that? You would be left with no articles to read.

        • by Kittenman (971447)

          Hmm...Every so often a check box shows up to disable ads on Slashdot. I've never seen an ad on Slashdot so, of course, I didn't bother to check it. Seriously, there are ads on Slashdot?

          I don't see any ads on Slashdot myself - thanks to this wonder product, Acme Ad-Blocker. Amaze your family and astound your friends. But wait, there's more...

        • by Tx (96709)

          I used to disable adblock on slashdot, and not use that disable ads option either; I've even clicked the odd ad on rare occasions. I have no problem with reasonably sized static ads. But they started having those stupid ads expanding at the bottom of the screen when your mouse went near them; those were the final straw, adblock enabled again. As far as I'm concerned, ads that pop up or expand or move or anything like that are too annoying.

      • by pslytely psycho (1699190) on Sunday June 01, 2014 @10:13PM (#47144377) Journal
        No shit. I was actually astounded when I built my new computer. Went to download adblock.
        I had not seen the internet unfiltered for so long I was aghast at the number of ads on pages I go to all the time.
        I forgot how much the internet sucks....!
        The creator of adblock should be Canonized, for he is truly a saint.
        • by Anonymous Coward

          Don't you just miss the non-commercial internet?

        • I was looking at my adblock settings the other day and it reported it has blocked some 45,000 ads since being installed. It is scary how much crap we are being subjected to in the name of profit.
        • It's ok. I've got an entire CPU core dedicated to ad blocking. I have 7 more left ;)

      • Why on earth would anyone that hates ads ever watch one. Seriously, if you haven't installed an ad-blocker you are either a moron, or you like ads. In either case stop complaining. Either get an ad-blocker, or just watch the ads with a smile.

    • by Bo'Bob'O (95398)

      I hate marketing, I've gotten rid of cable and broadcast TV in favor of Netflix and other ad-free content. Much the same for music.

      Yet despite having the option I've never turned off ads here on Slashdot; it's always in the same place, not massive or obtrusive, and generally somewhat relent to the content. I respect that they use the ads to support the site and I think this is one of the few commercial sites that respects me the same which is one reason I still come here after all these years. No massive pa

  • by xaosflux (917784) on Sunday June 01, 2014 @01:14PM (#47141749) Homepage

    In some cases I can deal with interstitials, but not on mobile browsers. I suppose the content hoster got their ad-view, but half the time they malfunction to the point of completely breaking the page content, or not being dismissible!

    • In some cases

      For instance here on Slashdot. On Safari (for iPhone) it tries (and fails miserably) to occupy the whole bottom of the page, all over over the comments. If you zoom in it grows and occupies an even bigger slice of the screen, and on landscape mode it overflows outside the screen, to the right, preventing you from clicking the close button.

      The close button is very very small and the hitbox is ridiculous, if you hit anything outside it doesn't count. If you hit anything below it it opens the

      • To clarify, the above post refers to the ads on Slashdot when browsing on mobile, not necessarily interstitials.
      • Every once in a while an auto playing video comes up. I didn't even knew it was possible, first time it ever came to me in an ad, many years, several iterations of IOS and slashdot was the first site to show me an auto playing video ad on mobile. On a limited plan 3G connection!

        I think you should seriously consider using an ad-blocker. In instances like this where a site is both being abusive (showing ads after you've paid to block them) & knowingly wasting a limitied resource (mobile battery & bandwidth), there is no moral quandry. Block them.

        • Which mobile browser can block ads? Or better: block scripts? NoScript (the only way to keep you sanity while browsing nowadays) doesn't work on FF mobile.

          • I'm pretty sure there's AdBlock for Firefox mobile. I tend not to block ads - I'd rather boycott sites that have annoying ads than give them the impression that their behaviour is acceptable - but I'm very happy with the self-destructing cookies plugin and Firefox for Android.
      • by Macgrrl (762836)

        The Ads disabled checkbox has vanished for me a couple of months ago, it makes me a sad panda.

      • by khchung (462899)

        Yes, the auto playing video is the killer for me. When I was listening to my favorite song and try to browse a few stories on /., and then suddenly Safari auto-stops my song and tried to load the video.

        Yup, no more reading /. on my mobile. DICE must be proud of driving away yet another member of their "audience".

      • by JD-1027 (726234)
        Here is what it looks like on mobile Safari: []

        Painfully annoying

        As a side note... Dang you Randall, you made me check my battery before submitting the picture! []
  • by Anonymous Coward

    My ex-wife.

  • Insecure ads (Score:5, Insightful)

    by FireballX301 (766274) on Sunday June 01, 2014 @01:42PM (#47141903) Journal
    Unfortunately, I work in the ad industry, though my firm's clients are premium brands that specifically avoid the undesirable ad types (banners only, no pop unders or bullshit. Those types of ads actually hurt brand value more than anything else). That being said, by far the worst ads are the ones that have been compromised to deliver malware. That really blows the other options out of the water.
    • Unfortunately, I work in the ad industry, though my firm's clients are premium brands that specifically avoid the undesirable ad types (banners only, no pop unders or bullshit. Those types of ads actually hurt brand value more than anything else). That being said, by far the worst ads are the ones that have been compromised to deliver malware. That really blows the other options out of the water.

      Of course, if anyone's ads are annoying -- or worse, deliver malware -- the user would be foolish to let any through that he could possibly block. Does anyone really have enough time to vet and whitelist harmless but interesting ads amongst the deluge of drivel and danger? And how would one even do that vetting and verification even given the time necessary?

      • Third party certification, mostly. There are a number of ad mediation networks (the middle-men who accept ads to distribute to end-sites, and sign contracts with both), and some of them are dirty, others are squeaky clean, because the clean ones will lose all of their high-end clients if they run a malware ad as well as get dropped from most of the high end sites. The only way to even try to fix this is a broadly distributed whitelist backed up by certs, but experience shows certifications are generally not
  • conspiracy theory: (Score:5, Informative)

    by globaljustin (574257) <justinglobal&gmail,com> on Sunday June 01, 2014 @01:46PM (#47141929) Homepage Journal

    this question was sponsored by an online ad agency to see which type of ad has the best mindshare ROI...

    • My first thought too. I don't even answer this type of question. It's all marketing research from Slashdot's corporate masters.

    • So now the advertisers are going to make their advertisements look like security alerts?
      • yes. exactly, that's part of the conspiracy, obv.

        my conspiracy theory kind of breaks down when you note that regular /. logged-in users get the option to disable ads so...

        i really love that /. lets you disable ads...i used to keep them up just as a personal 'thank you' until they just got too annoying w/ the animation

    • by Ksevio (865461)
      And just think if the poll winner starts appearing on normal /. but not on beta!
  • Obvious omition (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Mr. Sketch (111112) <[moc.liamg] [ta] [hcteks.retsim]> on Sunday June 01, 2014 @01:55PM (#47141987)

    Ads that play sound

    • by type40 (310531)
      Yes yes a thousand times yes. The local "news" paper had an auto play ad on their website. You could mute the ad but not stop it and if you left the page open it would refresh after an hour and the ad would unmute. Nothing better than just drifting off to sleep only to have the computer start up with "INTRODUCING THE NEW FAMILY PLAN FROM BLA BLA WIRELESS!!!!"
    • Ads that play sound

      Yes, and they can recognize your enemy, address him by name and try to sell him extra small condoms, herpes treatment, ballgags, leather gimp masks or some other embarrassing product every time he walks past an advertising display.

    • by MrLogic17 (233498)

      This is why I stopped surfing with sound on, years ago.

      I only turn on my sound if I have something specific I want to listen to - then turn it right back off. Moving & pop-up ads cause me to close that tab on my browser, and not visit that site again.

      Treat kids, dogs, and web sites the same way - do not reward bad behavior.

      • I tend to plink-hole the site with the ad to in resolv.conf. Sometimes I'll give a site I've visited in the past a second chance, on the assumption that some ad was slipped into their ad-delivery network without them knowing about it, but in general if the site thinks it can play a sound without me specifically asking for that sound it's not a site I ever want to visit again.

        • I stick something in my user CSS so that links to the site get a warning added. I can then decide before I click whether it's worth adding following a specific link to the site. Usually, I don't. Unfortunately, most sites don't get statistics for how many people choose not to click on a link because they've been annoyed in the past.
    • by Macgrrl (762836)

      There are ads that play sounds? I have the speaker set to mute on my (work) computer, so rarely notice.

    • The only thing worse is an ad that plays sound mixed with a pop under. Oh dear god. Not only do you get unexpected sound it can take a minute to work out where the fuck it's coming from.

  • by heypete (60671) <> on Sunday June 01, 2014 @02:06PM (#47142061) Homepage

    Ads that interpret a "close" action as "user clicked on the ad".

    This seems to happen with ads that hover over the content and require that one click a "close" box (either with the word "close" or with an "X" -- this isn't a pop-up with the standard browser close-window icon).

    • by istartedi (132515)

      I always terminate the process when that happens. It strikes me as leading to no possible good if I actually interact with something that behaves like that.

    • by MozeeToby (1163751) on Monday June 02, 2014 @01:07PM (#47147615)

      How about "Adds that look like a download link on file hosting websites". Trying to download files without adblock is like a puzzle game... only one button does what you want and there's little if anything to distinguish between it and the numerous (and probably malware filled) fakes.

      • by Bo'Bob'O (95398)

        I posted this below, but yes a thousand times.

        I'm even starting to see this on supposedly reputable sites like Sourceforge.

    • The close button is easy to spot, because it is in the same place on every browser tab / window. If an annoying ad pops up, don't try to close the ad, close the page. Let the web site know the next time that they look at their analytics that they have a very high bounce rate and eventually they'll figure out that it's because they're pissing their (former) users off with their annoying ads.
  • ad block and filters can't work if the ads really are hosted on the same IP as the content. I'm suprised no large advertiser has made this the new model. Example: advertiser hosts, and the advertiser's proxies pull in slashdot's content via authenticated channel we the users can't reach.

    • by CastrTroy (595695)
      I guess that we're not at the point yet where enough people block the ads for this to be worth the trouble. You'd have to have the proxy code running on the website of the site hosting the content. So you'd have to have support for a lot of different environments. (PHP, .Net, Ruby, Java, etc). Most sites wouldn't want foreign code running on their site as well. You could provide the ads to the content site by having them call an API, which would at least allow them to verify the code running on their ser
  • by maliqua (1316471) on Sunday June 01, 2014 @02:59PM (#47142323)

    so it sits there hiding in a browser tab you've long since forgotten then starts making porno like sounds

  • Which form of advertising will offend its user base the least when they finally remove that little check box?

  • Google (along with the NSA, CIA, FBI, Chinese Government and a hoard of others) all know everything I do. Why are the ads I see so badly targeted? I spend lots of money online and in the real world, and I can't remember the last time saw an ad for something I actually wanted. When ads are targeted they are always late - ads for hotels in cities I've just left, ads for new computers or cars just after I've bought one.

  • by Applehu Akbar (2968043) on Sunday June 01, 2014 @05:38PM (#47143167)

    The popover ad that cannot be closed on a mobile device because the Close button is stuck off screen.

    • by NIK282000 (737852)

      Don't give them any ideas, dice is just doing this to figure out what kind of ads to serve next >_

  • To distress my enemies, I'd serve them all of the above, at the same time, of course! I know it's cruel, but... they're my enemies, after all.
  • Any ad that isn't clear about what it's advertising nor confined to a well-defined space on a static page.

  • by jd (1658) a blipvert.

  • Product placements (Score:5, Interesting)

    by istartedi (132515) on Monday June 02, 2014 @01:09AM (#47144947) Journal

    No, product placements. At first you think, "how could that be as annoying as a moving ad?", which was the option I picked. Then you start thinking of how product placement blurs the boundaries. A well-crafted placement lures you into thinking you're just watching a show. You have to be consciously looking for them. You question your values. Wait... Wrigley Stadium. It's an institution. Why can't the new named stadiums be like that? The would-be questioner of consumerism gets lost in a morass, loses his moral compass, and ends up blathering on about it in a post like this one, which is brought to you by Wrigeley's Spearmint.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    I would force on my enemies the Slashdot Beta over interstitial ads.

    (as a side note, just checked out the Beta.... wtf? no improvements after 4 months now?)

  • So I go to a web site to download a nifty-looking piece of software, and right there in the middle of the download page there's a big "Download" button. Except it's really an ad for a totally different piece of software. Whose bright idea was it to hide the product they've already sold me on?

  • But if I did, the ads that play sound would be the ones I'd throw at my enemies.

  • Slashdot Beta.
  • Do people really have enemies? I mean real people, not people in TV shows, politicians or religious nutheads. There's a few people I dislike, I guess... my solution to that is to avoid their company. Problem solved.
    Who really dislikes someone so much that they'd actually spend time making them miserable?

    • by geekoid (135745)

      An enemy of science is an enemy of mine.

      I like to make them miserable with facts and calling their BS.

    • by Kittenman (971447)
      Very good. I hate ads with double-negatives to hide their intent. Such as...

      "Click here to not include deimplementation of the Special toolbar"
      "Select the Antivirus not to be uninstalled with this download"

      and so on... it hurts me just to write it. I mean, it doesn't not make me unhappy. Or is that what I mean...
  • For awhile I had that "in thanks for your contributions, you can disable ads" checkbox available. I didn't really care since the ads were inobtrusive and I figured supporting the site was a good thing. Then Beta happened, and while that was annoying, I still didn't care about the ads.

    But maybe a month ago, /. started having those overlay ads on the bottom of the browser frame. It was time to tick the checkbox. Everything was fine for maybe a week... then bam, ads again.

    Short story is, I installed NoScript.

  • I'm a bit torn, because it's the details that can make things really annoying. For example, an interstitial ad with a clear link that says something like "Click here to skip" isn't so bad. An interstitial ad that makes you watch a >=30 second video before continuing is really annoying. And if we're wishing this on our enemies, are we talking one every so often (not so bad) or one on every web page they visit (in which case it would be the worst)?

    For ads that pretend to be security alerts, how technica

  • that somehow manage to evade both ScriptSafe and AdBlock Plus.

  • There aren't any ads that wouldn't also distress my friends.
  • but this probably could be in violation of Geneva convention, isn't it ?!?
  • by OffTheLip (636691) on Tuesday June 03, 2014 @08:18AM (#47153871)
    'nuff said
  • Personally, if I was going to inflict ads on my enemies (as opposed to, for example, repeatedly stabbing their genitalia with a fork until they fall off), I would probably go for pop-over (always on-top, of course) ads that claim to be either security alerts or flashing advice that they have won something, and all they have to do to claim their $1 million is click on the ad, which then move when you try to click on them.

  • If I wanted to annoy a long time reader of Slashdot, I start putting those little ads at the bottom of the screen that cover up text just like Slashdot has started doing.
  • Not that they would affect me.
    now if you will excuse me, I need to go get some lightspeed briefs.

  • Screw ads. I'd enforce PCI compliance on them.
  • by Bo'Bob'O (95398) on Tuesday June 03, 2014 @07:37PM (#47160801)

    Ads that look like a download button. They have been getting better on that, locating it near the content and not having any other text around it except maybe a tiny (outside offer) or something similar nearby, if you are lucky.

    It used to be that it was only pretty shady websites you'd see this on, but more and more I'm seeing this on supposedly reputable sites. Even Sorceforge. It's a massive loss of reputability in my mind.

  • Those ads that are mini-movies and have the volume cranked up to 11. Worse, they pop-under. Usually it's some guy telling me how to get free porn or make millions investing, strangely, they both have the same voice.
  • Almost anything else can be made acceptable through some combination of good design, but if I ever hear even the tiniest peep from an ad your site gets adblocked until the end of time.

  • Lots of kittens.

"Just think, with VLSI we can have 100 ENIACS on a chip!" -- Alan Perlis


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