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My thoughts on getting my own DNA tested:

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Specifically wish to forgo DNA evaluation
  1791 votes / 10%
Have no plans for / interest in a DNA evaluation
  5634 votes / 34%
Mildly interested in a DNA evaluation
  5469 votes / 33%
Strongly considering a DNA evaluation
  1853 votes / 11%
The genes are in the mail!
  186 votes / 1%
Been there, done that, got the report
  515 votes / 3%
Every 3 months or 3,000 miles
  1003 votes / 6%
16451 total votes.
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My thoughts on getting my own DNA tested:

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  • Re:Why would I? (Score:5, Informative)

    by 93 Escort Wagon (326346) on Sunday June 17, 2012 @03:59PM (#40353683)

    Call me ignorant, but I see no reason to undergo a DNA evaluation in the near future.

    Yeah, I suppose I can think of a few edge cases where there might be value in this; but for most people this is an expensive solution looking for a problem to solve.

  • by Shavano (2541114) on Sunday June 17, 2012 @06:55PM (#40354907)
    I'm only interested if it can inform me of actions I can take that would specifically help me. For instance, being warned that I'm more vulnerable than most to cancer of the colon and because of my specific genetic profile I should eat more soybeans and brocolli but avoid bananas and Kap'n Krunch is helpful. Being told I'll probably live to over 100 would be important to know (I'd need to save more for my retirement or have more kids to take care of me in my old age!) Being told I'm more susceptible than most to a form of dementia that there's nothing I can do about is NOT helpful and knowing it would probably decrease my quality of life. But I'd be willing to be tested for scientific purposes so researchers use the info gathered to develop treatments or preventions for myself or other people.
  • by quixote9 (999874) on Monday June 18, 2012 @12:15PM (#40360109) Homepage
    It's still true, five years later. I have my Ph.D. in a related field of molecular bio, and the consumer oriented genetic screening is nothing but a way to separate people from their hard-earned cash.

    First, and most important, the science on anything involving multigene inheritance (which is practically everything, including Type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer susceptibility, etc., etc., etc.) is far from worked out. You'll get results, but even the scientists don't know what they mean yet.

    Second, you need a lot of training to be able to interpret those results even to the extent that's valid under current knowledge. The gene screening outfits are not employing excellent genetic counselors to interpret the results. They have software (perhaps supplemented by drones) who match Dot A with Genetic Disorders Database B.

    It's not GIGO, because your genetic input is not the garbage. But what comes out definitely is.
  • Re:Why would I? (Score:4, Informative)

    by tbird81 (946205) on Tuesday June 19, 2012 @01:13AM (#40366731)

    Because if they know a few SNPs they own your soul?!

    I'm always astounded at how ludditish* people on this site with regards to genetic testing. What black magic do they think they can cast on you if they know you're AG at rs13060385?

    *Yes, I know Luddite means something different to the commonly accepted meaning, and I'm not interested in the correct definition, but I do like calling people luddites.

    Here's a selection of my raw data:
    rs4477212 1 72017 AA
    rs3094315 1 742429 AG
    rs3131972 1 742584 AG
    rs12124819 1 766409 AA
    rs11240777 1 788822 AA
    rs6681049 1 789870 CC
    rs4970383 1 828418 CC
    rs4475691 1 836671 CC
    rs7537756 1 844113 AA
    rs13302982 1 851671 GG
    rs1110052 1 863421 GT

    Do your worst.

"Pascal is Pascal is Pascal is dog meat." -- M. Devine and P. Larson, Computer Science 340


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