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I have started Q businesses, where Q = ...

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Zero, and don't plan to open any, either.
  7347 votes / 32%
  4230 votes / 18%
2 or 3
  2818 votes / 12%
More than 3
  886 votes / 3%
Zero, but I have plans to ...
  4234 votes / 18%
They stole all my ideas!
  2936 votes / 13%
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I have started Q businesses, where Q = ...

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday August 31, 2011 @09:31PM (#37271164)

    Back in the late 90's, I wanted to be my own man. I read the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" books and wanted to start my own business - that's how you get rich, right?!

    So, I did. Times were good! I made 6 figure and thought I deserve this because I worked hard and I'm worthy and anyone who isn't making six figure or more isn't working hard enough, is uneducated or is unworthy!

    Yep, I was in my early 30s and ROCK'IN!

    Then 2000/2001 hit. Business dried up. Companies were moving back to canned software again, India and whatnot made what I knew obsolete. And I found my self training more and more Asians immigrants about what a pointer was - I'm not exaggerating!

    Then nothing.

    So, I said - I'll get an MBA and move into management. Nope. Doesn't work that way. MBA degrees are worthless unless you need one to keep your job or in Government: getting any Masters is a ticket to a promotion and after speaking to several people with different Masters AND a MBA ; the MBA is the easiest Masters Degree to get - NO THESIS!

    I started several web businesses - SATURATED BEYOND BELIEF - blogs, selling things, you name it!

    Of course after several years of trying to "make it", I am now unemployable. All I have on my resume are businesses - no management references. No one will hire me. I went to Goodwill for a job today. Yep, With an MBA and ten years of development experience, I had to go to Goodwill for a $7.25 job just because I thought I could become a big shot by starting my own business and because I believed in the American myth. Yes, I'm well over 40 - that doesn't help either.

    Those of your who are saying the American Dream has come true - good for you! I thought so too at one time. It's amazing how quickly your dreams turn into nightmares. You think you're making all the "right" decisions and at the time, you are. I thought C++ middleware was the way to go - and then Java took off.

    I have an uncle who is a self made millionaire. Here's what he told me this Summer:

    I started in '69. There were a lot more opportunities back then. I've had several lucky breaks and I worked my ass off for 30 years to get where I am. I couldn't do it now. It's not just Government regulation, it's just that there isn't the opportunities we had back then. (He has kids and grandkids and he worries about them and their future) .

    As a side note about my uncle: as I said, he's self made millionaire. Worked his ass off like everyone does And he's not exactly a "class warfare" guy that the pundits like to point fingers at.

    He thinks there's too much wealth disparity in this country and the rich are destroying it.

    The destruction of the middle class is hurting him, BTW; so he's not some liberal hippie with too much money.

  • by Eskarel (565631) on Thursday September 01, 2011 @01:38AM (#37272346)

    A business only works when you can grow it to the point where you don't have to run it anymore or when you can sell your company to someone else, everything else is like being a wage slave but without the security. Essentially you have to do all the things you hate only if you don't do them and go bust you don't get any unemployment benefits. Small business is not freedom, it's just slavery to yourself.

I have yet to see any problem, however complicated, which, when you looked at it in the right way, did not become still more complicated. -- Poul Anderson


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