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Journal Concerned Onlooker's Journal: Negroponte: What a piece of work 2

It's unfortunate, but the world is probably shaped more by human excrement like John Negroponte than it is by decent people. How stupid does he expect people to be when he says he knew nothing of human rights abuses happening in Honduras? And just who are these animals that get off on torturing and murdering? When the U.S. talks of defeating terrorism the little hypocrisy meter just about jumps off the scale.

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Negroponte: What a piece of work

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  • I sometimes wonder if the politicians are testing us to see how much they can get away with.

    At this point I wonder if there is anything they couldn't get away with.

    I won't challenge the universe by saying "Things cannot possibly get any worse."

    But I wonder what it is going to take for people in this country to wake up.

    Or are they just not paying attention?
    • I won't challenge the universe by saying "Things cannot possibly get any worse."

      I'm happy to hear that, since the universe inevitably responds with a "oh yeah, take that!"

      Thanks for your thoughts. I wasn't really expecting anyone to read my post, but sometimes I feel a need to vent to a semi-public place.

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