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stormi's Journal: i want to make it do what i want damnit

Journal by stormi
why damnit? i refuse to believe there is no way around this.....

when i use msn messenger, and i click on the button to make it open my hotmail, it goes through IE. but mozilla is my default. and i dont wanna delete IE cuz there are a few websites that prefer it for some sick and twisted reason......

anyway, all i want is for hotmail to open default in mozilla. it can be viewed through mozilla, if i go the long way via the msn homepage. but the msn homepage makes me feel dirty... which also isnt the point. the point is WHY IN GODS NAME CAN'T I MAKE IT DO WHAT I WANT IT TO DO?!

daryl says there is no way to make it do what i want to do, and i should just download gaim or something like that. but i dont want to.... i just can't deal with the fact that there's no way to change that setting. it baffles me. cannot computeh..

ok, so eventually i may grow tired and do what daryl says.... but i havent given up yet o.O ever since i found out you could make 'start' say 'fart', i've been convinced you can make things do what you want them to do. if there is a solution, it would be nice to hear it

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i want to make it do what i want damnit

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