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KingKire64's Journal: My jornoul 7

Journal by KingKire64
Well since this is so convient i decieded to write in this Journal. My life Sucks as i know it tahts whats going on with me. You know 3 and a half years with someone is a long time. I know im still young (22) but all of my young adult life was spent with her. How the fuk am i to Last witout her. Not to mention im bi polar, which seems to be rearing its ugly head now. She was my support system. And all of my friends are not single.

If life sucks and you know it clap your hands!
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My jornoul

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  • I'm happy with my girlfriend and life r0xx0rz. I've loads of friends to go to the pub with and chat to. I can't even begin to imagine how you're feeling.
  • Suck it up man, grow a spine even. So you got dumped and you suffer a mental illness. Stop wearing your frailties like a boy scout badge of merit. Stop trolling for sympathy by playing the "woe is me game" and take some pride in yourself.

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