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Porn Whitelist's Journal: 47 meg of ... um ... something. 1 1

I'm not going to comment on what this is - it's not up to me to judge. That's why it's filed under "X".

Here's the perl script:


for ($i=1; $i <=48; $i++) {
for ($j=1; $j <=16; $j++) {
$url = "www.fetishhub.net/mip/gal";
if($i<10) {$url = $url . '0'; }
$url = $url . $i . '/big_';
if ($j<10) {$url = $url . '0'; }
$url = $url . $j . '.jpg';
`wget -r $url`;

Total: 47 megs.

Total to date: 3.267 gigs

In other news, after one week, we've gone from zero to 40 fans. I'll try to find something nice to celebrate hitting the big 5-0.

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47 meg of ... um ... something.

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  • I don't feel like parsing the URL needed for this example, but I will point out that curl handles leading zeroes automatically.
    curl whatever.com/[1-100].jpg
    curl whatever.com[001-100].jpg
    will both work fine. (depending on what's on the server, of course.)

    Hmm, just thought of something... curl, by default, produces standard output. MPEGs, according to the original spec, can be concatenated (i.e., with 'cat') together to make one long movie (though not all players will handle this)--like if you have 1.mpg,

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