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Journal TPFH's Journal: Polyphonic Voices of Digital Dissent 1 1

Do you like experimental and sample based music?
Do you not like our current Fearless Leader?

Then you might like Polyphonic Voices of Digital Dissent.

And hey, it's free to download so why not :)

(And if anyone wants to discuss this or Negativland, ECC, DJ Danger Mouse, Beatalica, John Oswald, or other cut and paste music then great.)

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Polyphonic Voices of Digital Dissent

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  • But The Bots [] are better.

    I particularly like Bushwack [], Bushwack2 [] and Fuzzy Math [].

    "Any nation that continues to harbor and support tolerance and freedom will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime."

    "The best way to win an election is deliberate deception. Same thing happened in 2000: George Bush lost and I know that."

    "We will rally the world to this cause by abandoning every value except the will to power."

    "The American people need to be stopped."

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