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User Journal

k98sven's Journal: Quibbling over semantics

Journal by k98sven

How to be an annoyance and moron in general:

Step one:

Locate a word in a comment with several usages, one broader than the other.

Step two:

Decide to assume the poster meant the narrower usage, although such an interpretation is obviously wrong.

Step three:

Write a post claiming the original poster is wrong, and doesn't understand the meaning of the word. For good measure, include a definition of the narrower meaning.

In this way, the poster believes he will make himself look smarter than the original poster.

Also, he will have managed to sidetrack any intelligent discussion into a meaningless debate over semantics.

From now all I'll be modding down any and all such posts I see as flamebait.
And that means you if you insist that: "It's cracker not hacker", "The USA is not a democracy" and "Copyright infringement is not stealing".

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Quibbling over semantics

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