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SlashChick's Journal: My Treo Hates Me!!! 2

Journal by SlashChick

You know, I was going to write something deep in my Slashdot journal tonight, but this will have to do.

My Treo 600 has decided to become a paperweight, so my last few hours have been immersed in a) trying unsuccessfully to fix it by banging it on the desk, b) calling Sprint (no love for me there; I bought it from a friend and warranties don't transfer), c) whining to my other friends who have Treos, who have given me many more fix-it tips that haven't worked... and, when all else failed, d) giving up and watching a bunch of mindless TV (Monster House arr arr arr.)

Now I get to make a trip to the Sprint store and beg them for mercy (pleeeeeease fix my Treo for free so I don't have to go back to my old Treo 300 until the 650 comes out!) I'm getting up bright and early to march down there as soon as they open (10AM.) Yes, 10AM is early for me.

I love you, dead $400 Treo! *sob*sob*

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My Treo Hates Me!!!

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  • than to be stuck with a Palm Vx to begin with.

    Cherish the moments you and your Treo had. Look back fondly on them. File them away in your memory for a rainy day. It was a great relationship, worth the pain of losing it, just to have been with it. You never forget your first 600.

    Or dump it in the nearest dumpster, hell it's only a phone. :)

  • by NeMon'ess (160583)
    sounds heartbreaking

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