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chthon's Journal: Ha, a journal to fill in.

It's probably two years since I registered as chthon on Slashdot. I have never used the journal before, although I have opinions on many things. My problem is that before long, my opinion becomes a rant which goes on in all directions.

I thought about it some time, and the advantage of this Slashdot journal is that I do not need a real website, nor that I have to go through the trouble to install blogging software.

It is on the Web, I can use it if I want to.

My personal goals in using this journal are :

  • Clear up my mind around a whole lot of topics that are waiting.
  • Learn to write creatively.
  • Try to write as writers that I like, with different purposes for different writers (want some names ? Vance for his eloquence, Voltaire for his nasty pen, Demosthenes to learn how to convince people).

I will also write some times in Dutch, because there are some topics here in Europe that must be discussed. If I have time I will translate them, which is also a good exercise (it is easier for me to write in English than to translate from Dutch to English).

Overload -- core meltdown sequence initiated.