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User Journal

techstar25's Journal: Homeless left homeless

Journal by techstar25

Jul 7, 11:48 PM
Police clear away camp that sheltered dozen people
PALM BAY -- They lived deep in the woods, an isolated world not far from the rumble of the railroad tracks and across from a school where children played.
But Tuesday that world ended for at least a dozen homeless people as public works officials cleared away tents and other property from four encampments just off of Robert J. Conlan Boulevard in northeast Palm Bay.
"They had a string of commercial burglaries that led us back to that area," said Palm Bay police Officer George Santiago, who patrols the industrial area where the camps were located.
"It's been there at least a year and had gone unnoticed but it had gotten too large. They even had a warning system and running water," said Santiago, describing the camps as "advanced."

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Homeless left homeless

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