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Bye, Cantor

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  • Tea Party is the incumbent party on meth.

    1850s, here we come!

    So, I shall hope they inspire real alternatives to oust the majors entirely. Though I do realize the voters really have much fascism in their hearts, and that's what put us where we are today. This is the history of majority rule. Insanity ultimately prevails.

    Let's wait for the finals now and see how people really feel. This could be a set up to scare them into voting for a democrat.

    • There is some speculation of Dems crossing over to knock Cantor off.
      I'm just anti-incumbent, in general. The fun thing to see now is whether Cantor bows out ugly, or gracefully.
  • And not the Bronx kind either. Prediction: Establishment R's will pretend to be Tea Party friendly again while ramping up big party support for the likes of Alexander (TN) and others. Wow, it is almost as if this happened before.

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