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TheMysteriousFuture's Journal: From the Future: How Secure is Windows Firewall?

Journal by TheMysteriousFuture
Posted by michael in The Mysterious Future!
from the better-than-nothing dept.
Garret writes "Though Microsoft is doing their part in protecting Windows users from internet attacks by including a firewall in their latest service pack, one has to wonder just how secure is the Windows Firewall from XP Service Pack 2? Not too good according to Flexbeta. Their recommendation is to turn off Windows Firewall and get an alternative such as ZoneAlarm or Sygate PF. Simply the fact that Windows Firewall can be turned off by another application is enough to tell me Microsoft has goofed again." PCWorld also has a story about the new firewall capability.

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From the Future: How Secure is Windows Firewall?

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