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Journal sbuckhopper's Journal: I never write.

So I know that I never write in this. I think that I've been lurking through my friends' journals long enough now.
Why write now? you ask...well I happen to be sitting here watching the worst movie I have ever seen before in my life. The movie is called Seamless. It isn't like any movie normal bad movie though, for some reason I can't just turn it off.

I think the only thing that I could say competes for being worse than that is New Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, which I've watch...oh tonight as well! If you've never seen that one, I think the story line is should be, it was somewhat ripped off from the real Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon however this one make some of my home movie cinematography look like genious work. Oh and its in Cantonese. I think I could deal with one of the two, but not both. I could only manage to muster myself through half of that 4 hour movie before I turned it off.

That's alright though, I'm enjoying some Pear Palinka right now with the movies. Thanks very much to my good pal dgtlrift and his wife for bringing that along to me. I think I still need another three shots for it to count as a drunken journal entry though. At least it makes the movie more enjoyable.

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I never write.

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