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You Say Correlation, I Say Causation

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  • Our greedy pets are killing us! []

    • by Bob_Who (926234)
      I was kinda wondering about the statistic on the money spent by dead people on their living pet heirs.

      Also, does anyone happen to know if its specifically against the law to marry a poodle in Nevada?

      I'm asking for a friend, of course....he's an Elvis wedding chapel drive through/ doggy day care / Colonial Penn insurance agent. Nothing kinky or perverted, not a same sex Poodle style honeymoon or else you know who will be in the dog house. woof, woof, lick, lick, say no more, say no more...
      • by PopeRatzo (965947)

        their living pet heirs.

        My border collie leaves pet heirs all over the place. On my clothes, on the furniture, on the carpet.

        • by Bob_Who (926234)
          Yeah, a poodle keeps the heirs down to a minimum, but they look cool in a tutu and a Mohawk.

          Border collies are so smart they can draw up legal documents and manage the estate...
  • . . .think the Semi-Conscious Liberation Army is driving all this madness!
  • the more marriages in KY the more fishing boat drownings! clearly rednecks who cant swim don't go fishing unless they have a wife!

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