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Nova Express's Journal: An Astroturfing Story Slashdot Rejected 1

Journal by Nova Express
Evidently, Astroturfing is only important if done by Microsoft; when it's carried out by Slashdot's darlings on the left, it ceases to be news. has been Astroturfing for Michael Moore's Farenheit 911:

In fact, you can reach the Astroturfing page yourself. What's even more amusing: You can use it to send letters to newspapers telling them they've been Astroturfed!

And just in case it disappears, here's the Google cache confirming its existence:

Props to National Review Online's always great The Corner for point out the story:

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An Astroturfing Story Slashdot Rejected

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  • It's obvious that this story was bound to be rejected, as much as "News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters." is concerned, while any information about Microsoft, Apple, Linux or Intel might be relevant in this 1337-teachy-realm here... but I see your point, as other stories about F911 reached front page on Slashdot, and they did not deserve it, either. Maybe you can wait for the next relevant story or poll about American politics and post your story as comment there (just my two eurocents).

    About all the patriot

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