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My boy is 21 today

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  • by blinder (153117)
    welcome back my man! haven't seen you around these parts in a while.

  • 21. MONTHS. I'm wise to you, see?

    I'll see if I remember on Sept 29th to say happy 2nd birthday to 'im. :)

  • Congrats, man - my son was 24 on June, 5th, and there was lots of beer and "EyeToy Singstar" performances, it was big fun.

    Celebrate, when he's two you've well earned it with lots of sleepless nights, changed diapers and hidden laughs and grins you weren't allowed to show for pedagogic reasons. ;) (I wasn't very successful at that sometimes, I might add. *g*)

    Is that correct, September 29th? I'd come, but I'm on another continent. ;)
    • Heh. Thanks.

      And thanks for making me hit for "pedagogic." :P

      Yes, 29 September. If you're unexpectedly on this continent, please drop by.

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