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User Journal

cartzworth's Journal: Welcome to gregs safari

Journal by cartzworth
"Welcome to gregs safari, on the right you will see train tracks and OH SHIT, that was my tire" So a huge ass stick ass raped gregs tire back in the woods. After bending half our car keys to get off his blinging rims we broke the lug nut wrench. Then philmo came to the attempted rescue with a wrench that didnt fit. So he left us to fend for ourselves. Then there was a lot of ass, pissing and greg shitting in the woods. So, me and crook took a power walk to the ice house and brought back the goods. When we got there papa M was showing up. He helped us get the lugs off. All 4 of us had to lift to get gregs jeep off the ground because his jack didnt work. Papa M also shared some awsome stories. We fianly got outta there and headed home. And to think a couple hours before that we were driving around yelling at people with my hair in crazy braids. What an insane night. Gotta feel bad for g-money though, he has shit for luck.

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