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singularity's Journal: On college students voting... 3 3

College students are discouraged from voting by local election boards

I never had a problem in Ithaca when I was at Cornell, although our local poll was off-campus, and we ended up driving there. I had a girlfriend with a car, though, so it worked out.

I can definitely see things like what the article describes as happening, though.

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On college students voting...

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  • Have we discussed that I also went to Cornell? I can't recall :-(
    • No, I do not remember you mentioning it. I ended up transferring out, but I entered with the class of 1997 (fall 1993) and left after spring of 1996.

      Started out CS Engineering, and transferred to the Ag school to do Educational Psychology before leaving for good.
      • OK. You started there after I was done (class of '93). I started out engineering too, but ended up A&S. Wanted to do linguistics but due to anal parents owning the tuition money, I ended up with government.

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